In the past, when I needed to check the time, I would check my phone.

Seems pretty inocent a task, but wait... there is a notification I must respond to, and the news to check, and social media... I find I had lost 5, 10, 15 minutes to a seamingly simple task.

I found I was not being present in the moment. Instead checking the time had become a trigger to wasting time glued to my phone instead enjoying play time with the kids, a walk, or reading a book. I even found I was being distracted at work pulling out my phone at my desk or when making a cuppa, instead of using the time to think about a task or to reflect.

To stop this, I got my watch fixed. Not a smart watch with all of its disractions and notifications, but a good old bog standard watch which simply shows the time.

When I am at home or at work, the phone stays on the sideboard or in my bag, with the watch on my wrist. I feel less distracted now and happier that my time is less likely to disappear down the rabbit hole.