Today, I find myself in crisis. I feel constantly overwhelmed, unable to make desisions even about the most trivial of things. I feel stressed and anxious, procastinating constantly to the point of where I don't know where to start. I am perpetually tired, not getting enough sleep as I go to bed too late, rise too early and my sleep is broken as I cannot sleep, or am interupted by my youngest.

I need to deal with this shit as it is affecting myself, my spouse and children. My house does not feel like a home due to the unfinished jobs, the clutter and broken things that are strewn every where.

I worry about my health, and that of my spouse and children. My inablity to make descions means that we don't go anywhere or do anything on days off, or my feeling of being stressed means I kick off about the smallest of things.

I need to change. I need to set a better example to my children and live life.

This blog is about my journey where I will document the small steps and changes of habit that I take to simplify my life.