Recently I have decluttered two things that I use daily.

My Wallet was bulging not with money, but with crap. It was filled with receipts, loyalty cards and other junk as well as the essential - the payment cards and ID. It was cumbersome in my pocket and small cards would fall out when opened. To reduce the weight and bulkiness of the wallet; I downloaded a loyalty card app and archived the cards, then filed or binned the receipts and spent the gift cards. Now my wallet is only filled with what I need for my day.

My backpack that I carried to and from work was heavy. It was filled with papers long forgotton about and miscellaneous junk that was not relevant for my commute, nor my work. My wife often remarked on how heavy it was. I pared down the items to those essential for my day and reduced the weight on my shoulders.

Starting small by carrying only what is essential helps to create a daily reminder of the benefits of decluttering.